Movement focused race against the clock.

Dive into a thrilling experience with Swirl Splash, a satisfying 3D platformer where time is your greatest adversary. Take control of Shui, the agile animatronic monkey, as you race against the clock around the vast aquarium of Aqua X. Submerge yourself in the unique momentum mechanics to overcome the challenging environments. Your mission? Find and return the lost fish back to their tanks before it’s too late. Swirl and splash your way to the top of the leaderboard as you rally against your friends for the top spot. Can you beat the clock and maintain Aqua X in this competitive race against time?

There are many ways in which the player can increase Shui’s speed.


The player can swirl onto nearby surfaces to pull themselves through the environment.


The player can receive a splash boost by charging the meter. the more it is charged, the greater the


In combination to other movement techniques, the player can slide to further add to their momentum to their move-set.


To receive initial vertical height, the player can jump and chain this with the rest of their move-set.

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